I adore it, I need it.  I bow and paw.  I leak all over
the sheets just thinking about it—Ooh let me worship your
beautiful ass!

                                 Earlier, I told her I loved her.  I told her she
was so gloriously dark.

                                                       .   .   .

                                                     It’s Saturday night.  The slick of
softened water clings to our skins.  

                                                                            Our bath­room is all black
tile and black grout, black faucets, obsidian backsplash, with
black lights and black towels, black soap.

                                                                                          She replied that
she liked me because I’m dark too.

                                                       .   .   .

                                                                            Every time I think it has
settled, it fizzles up again, monstrous phallus silos dotting
the seeded fields.

                                         What is it exactly, that announces itself
so obscenely, like Nocturne in E flat major, at half speed and
inverted, over­driven and filtered through a resonator, blasting
from a loud­speaker?

                                               It’s true, I can’t look right at it or it
blurs defensively and stings me back into oblivion.  And I’m so
fucking tired of oblivion.

                                                       .   .   .

                                                         Take me out into the woods to-
night.  Tie me to a tree so it’s rough bark tears into my back.
Tease me, use me, pleasure me to ecstasy.

                                                       .   .   .

                                                                                            What does it take
to feel alive again?  I’ve been numb so long I can’t remember.  

She’s blacked out in the bathroom again, slumped against
the shower’s dark tinted glass.  I push the door open, lift her
up, hold her until she comes to.

                                                                      It’s okay.  I’m here.  I’ve
got you.  I’ve got you.

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