Uproariously funny group of websites! How could these possibly be real!? Check out the amazing Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie! (Not just for humans–try it on pets and infants, too!) And see my selection for the Most Confusing Graph Ever award on black helicopters!

Turns out that it is parody, according to crank.net. How else could you explain the wide variety of crazy topics hosted there, from the worship of Lord Kelvin to the Truth about Belgium?

And check out his great Linus Torvald wallpaper from his downloads section. Truly Amazing!

Just came from Silliman’s Blog, where I read that an artist (Zak Smith) has taken it upon himself to illustrate Gravity’s Rainbow, one illustration for each page. Every illustration is scanned and archived online for your viewing pleasure at the preceding link… check it out. If you haven’t read the book (along with Steven Weisenburger’s excellent companion), and you ever find yourself with a couple free months, I recommend it: truly an amazing experience. If you have… well, just flipping through each frame, I remembered quite a bit about the stories [I won’t call it plot, exactly–more specifically narrative progression] as each plate came up. What was most interesting is how much I am still connected to the emotional/arousal experiences of the novel, how important that aspect of the book was important to my appreciation of it. I’m not trying to write a review here, you can find those somewhere else.

Right. I’m done now. And I want to read Gravity’s Rainbow again. Ai, me!

I’m not feeling much pressure for the first post; it just gets buried, right? I was reading the preface to Hillary Putnam‘s Reason, Truth and History in the bathroom earlier. He believes the “dichotomy” of objective and subjective classifications of [what? ideas? reality? truth?] is now old and stale: a set of ideologies; and that a fresh perspective (and definition) of truth is needed. Sounds reasonable…

I don’t want you to get the idea I read stuff like this all the time; I’m usually reading Dilbert of The Onion in the bathroom. [Am I lying?]

[I’m talking to myself, reader, trying to figure out what I want to do to you [for you?].]

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