Welcome to what light already light, the weblog of the poet, digital artist, electronic musician, tech writer, editor, etc., Anika Scovel. If you want to know more about her, you’ve come to the right place.


A 2009 graduate of the MFA program in poetry at Purdue University, Anika Scovel currently lives in Saint Louis, MO, and earns a living as a technical writer and editor. She is originally from Polo, Illinois, a small town in northwest Illinois not far from the Rock River. She works broadly in the analog and digital arts with text, sound, and visuals, and is fascinated with generative art/music/writing.

Blogs & Sites

  • I post on the what light already light blog (at its new home attached to this home site) semi-regularly with my thoughts, discoveries and publications. My interests mainly revolve around poetry, music, digital arts, politics, and Buddhism/non-duality.
  • For several years, my blog on WordPress.com, which was also originally title what light already light, was renamed to !poi4′:;!poe’!’;;!mbassy::!oip3′:: [Poembassy Bombing]. I think those days are over now, and I’m returning to the original theme, which resonates again with me. I have moved all of the blog content over from the WordPress.com site to this new home on my own website, but you can still visit the old !poi4′:;!poe’!’;;!mbassy::!oip3′:: [Poembassy Bombing]. That twitter feed is priceless.
  • My blog Markovian Parallax Generate dealt with the first computer program (mchain) I used to write computation/digital poetry. It also documents my early experiments with Gnoetry 0.2 and related ideas/processes in digital poetics.
  • The Gnoetry Daily group blog documents and encourages human-computer writing experiments. You may view about 7 years of my work with the Gnoetry 0.2 program there. It is now largely defunct.
  • For a hub to my various blogs and creative web accounts (SoundCloud, RedBubble, etc.), see the links in the website header or go to  Portfolio / Creative Hub  page.


Note: Currently, all publications below were published under my deadname


My three chapbooks of poetry written with Gnoetry 0.2 are freely available to download and read from Beard of Bees Press:


Reviews, Interviews & Misc.

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